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Deep Fried Turkey
Sweet Thangs
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Gumbo's and Soups
SHRIMP Back to top
Shrimp Tyson- lg. Shrimp wrapped in bacon, stuffed with jalapenos & cheese. $1.50 ea.
Shrimp- BBQ wrapped in bacon. $1.00 ea.
Grilled in lemon & garlic butter. $1.25ea
Deep fried- battered in cornmeal or seasoned flour…your choice. $1.25ea
Pan Fried- lightly battered in seasoned flour & pan-fried in seasoned butter. $1.25ea
Spicy boiled shrimp. $1.00ea
Tony E’s spicy Cajun shrimp…served over rice $1.25ea
Honey’s cheesy shrimp puffs-filled with Monterey Jack & cheddar cheese, deep-fried to golden brown. $2.00 ea. for those suckers, 
cause they’re good!
Yoliza’s coconut shrimp w/pineapple sauce. $1.50ea
Blackened w/Tony’s special seasoning, cooked in seasoned butter. $1.25ea
OYSTERS Back to top
Angels on Horseback – oyster & shrimp wrapped in bacon & barbecued. $2.00ea
Oysters wrapped in bacon & barbecued. $1.25ea
Deep Fried- battered with a seasoned batter. $1.00ea
Pan Fried-lightly battered in seasoned flour & pan-fried in seasoned butter. $1.25ea
Blackened-with Tony’s special seasoning & cooked in seasoned butter. $1.25ea
Oysters a la Ray-Cooked in the shell with cheese, spinach, and only Ray knows what else. $1.50ea
On the half shell-priced according to the season.
FISH Back to top
Catfish fillets- cooked with Tony’s special herbs. Can be cooked 6 different ways. Deep-fried, sautéed, Blackened, Grilled, or barbecued. $4.00
Whole Catfish - Deep Fried in cornmeal or flour batter. May also be Barbecued or Grilled. One lb. $5.00
Alaska White Pollack - Marinated with special herbs &spices. Deep Fried, Pan Fried, or Blackened. $2.00
Blackened Tuna $5.00
Red Fish - Deep Fried, pan Fried, Grilled, or Blackened. $4.00
Frog Legs – Deep Fried, Barbecued, Grilled, or Sautéed. All cooked in special batter and gourmet herbs. $2.00ea
Alligator Hiney – Deep Fried, Sautéed or blackened. Cooked in bite-sized pieces…10 per order. 5.00
GUMBO’S & SOUPS Back to top
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – Fresh homemade andoulle sausage with chicken, peppers, & spices. Served with rice. Cup 4.95 Bowl $6.95 Quart $12.95
Seafood Gumbo – Crabmeat, crab fingers, & shrimp in a Cajun roux so dark we cook it with the lights off. Cup $3.95 Bowl $6.95 Quart $20.95
Jenna New Orleans Red Beans & Rice Cup $1.75 Bowl $2.75 Quart $6.95
Angel’s Baked Potato Soup – Just like its namesake, with cheese, bacon, chives, & sour cream. Cup $1.25 Bowl $ 1.50 Quart $6.95
Yeny’s Veggie Soup – Fresh vegetables in a tomato base with Tony E’s seasonings. Cup $1.25 Bowl $2.00 Quart $5.95
CHICKEN Back to top
Della’s Deep Fried Breast – dipped in buttermilk batter & fried to a golden brown. $1.50ea
Sautéed in lemon butter.
Grilled in butter sauce & Tony’s special herbs.
CRAWFISHPriced according to season. Back to top
Live boiled when in season. Priced according to season.  
Fried tails w/ special batter.  
Sautéed tails seasoned with lemon butter sauce.  
Blackened tails.  
Pan Fried tails.  
Etouffee (Coonass Stew) Brown gravy sauce with herbs, spices, & a variety of peppers. Highly spicy! Served over bed of white rice. May be served over fish or chicken. Shrimp $8.95 
Crawfish $10.95 
Shrimp & Crawfish $12.95
Louisiana Bayou Ponchatrain – White creamy mushroom sauce with crawfish, shrimp peppers, Tony E’s seasoning. Excellent over fish or chicken. Served over white rice. $5.00
All BBQ served with Tony E’s secret sauce. This recipe is older than dirt
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Cajun BBQ Spareribs $5.00
Ribeye Steak BBQ or Chargrilled 12 oz. $9.95 16oz. $13.95
Brisket $2.00
Sausage Links $2.00
Froglegs wrapped in bacon. $2.00
Pork Chops $2.00
Chicken $1.00 dark $1.50 white
SWEET THANGS Back to top
Homemade Bread Pudding w/ lemon sauce $1.00
Cheese Cake $1.00
Bourbon Pecan Pie $1.25
Cobbler – Apple, Peach, or Cherry $1.00
A la mode
Turtle Cake – Mouth-watering chocolate cake with a caramel and nut filling. $2.00
SIDES Back to top
Nana’s Baked Beans – Talk a bout secret family recipes, she won’; t even tell the dog! $1.00
Otra’s Potato Salad $1.00
Coleslaw $1.00
Shar’s Dirt Rice – a real man pleaser with lots of beef, a variety of peppers, & Tony E’s Seasoning. $1.25
Steamed Veggies $.50
Tony E’s Seafood Stuffing – Boudin, shrimp, & crawfish. Great with steak, turkey, or by itself! $4.00
Boudin Balls – Boudin & cheese deep-fried & shaped like a…ball. Regular $2.00  Seafood $4.00
Corn o’ Cob $.50
Cajun Whole Boiled Gourmet Potatoes $.50
Sautéed Potatoes $.75
Pecan Praline Sweet Potatoes $2.00
Aunt Anna’s Hush Puppies Plain $.50 Jalapeno $.75
Garlic Bread $.50
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Tony E’s
Restaurant & Catering

217 E. Galveston Street
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