Who was my ancestor COL. JOHN DURKEE ?

A Revolutionary war  Hero Col. John  Durkee's story began  where the Sons of Liberty were organized, Durkee's Tavern in Norwich and were led by it's proprietor and owner, Captain John Durkee  of Norwich; AKA Durkee and his “Irregulars” ...At just the right moment in history, just the right men were  in just the right place. Their committee worked, huddled in inns, halls and taverns , to produce what has been the most important -- and beautiful -- political document in the history of the world, the
(Men like , Col. John  Durkee, secured it's existence)

Col. John Durkee 1728-1782

Founder & Namer of Wilkes-Barré,

Meeting in Durkee's Tavern
The story of the Connecticut Sons of Liberty begins with passage of the hated Stamp Act by the English Parliament on March 22, 1765. Secret colonial societies, known as the Sons of Liberty, were formed in the Colonies to oppose this Act.
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John Durkee
Col. John Durkee
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<>My Father Maj. Daniel Robert Durkee, U.S. Army 
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