Breeze into Kemah TX Gateway to Galveston Bay
"Kemah" is an Indian word meaning, "facing the wind."
Christmas in Kemah
Friday Nov. 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th 
Kemah's Tree Lighting Ceremony Sat. Nov. 19th @ 7:00 pm

AGENDA Kemah City  Council


Galveston Co.
Mayor Collins
Mayor Greg Collins
City of Kemah 1401 SH 146
Kemah, Texas 77565
Casino Gambling ReturnsTo Kemah – One Night Only!
Sponsored by the Kemah Historical Society Roaring 20’s Attire Encouraged Saturday, September 10, 2005 - Doors open at 6:30, play from 7-10 PM
"Bleed & Feed" Blood Drive Kemah VFD Sign-Up and Information
August 30, 2005 from 5:30PM-8:30PM KVFD - Everett A. Hanson Station #1 - 905 Hwy 146.

JUST A REMINDER...only  31 days from today, cell phone Numbers are being released to telemarketing
companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS...
To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888/382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years.Or you can register on line at:    <

Kemah Mayor Greg Collins brings Kemah to Port Neches
Port Arthur News - Port Arthur,TX,USA
PORT NECHES - Kemah Mayor Greg Collins used a bit of baseball advice when speaking to Port Neches city officials and residents Tuesday. ...

New chairman no stranger to the blessing
Daily News - Galveston County - TX,USA
(08/6/05 - Kemah, TX)
KEMAH -- Ralph Yarborough became the chairman of the Blessing of the Fleet in Kemah at a time when the annual event was listing, Tom Hults said. ...
A Cut Above
Come see the beautiful changes inside   this    long   established Kemah Hair Salon now  under new management   A Cut Above  And Beyond formerly Hair Knock Outs, is at the same  great location    8th  and  Bradford in the Kemah  Waterfront  District.
Kemah Hair Salon has

A new phone number 281-535-2887
600 8th Street, Kemah, TX
  Blessing of the Fleet Boat Registration  Here

Landry's Transforms Ocean Journey Into Downtown Aquarium Denver
Yahoo News (press release) - USA
... Landry's also owns several icon developments, including Downtown Aquarium in Houston and Kemah Boardwalk, a magnificent 40-acre, family-oriented themed ...

Honor Roll Personal Stories of  those men and women  
who were willing to  give their all and served this country when it called
Got Military relatives too? We would like to hear your  relatives story and add them on a page of honor on JBT and put a link on Kemah.Net! Email Us   
                                                     Claire Durkee Worthington
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A  Rededication Ceremony of Calder Road,  the exit off I-45 that most take to Kemah. Galveston Co.  Commissioner Ken Clarks office hosted a  luncheon  catered by Ludwig Catering of League City Texas afterwards.

Kemah Has Enjoyed Fine Leadership

The city of Kemah is turning another chapter in its history of progressive development. I have lived in Kemah for nearly 10 years. The mayoral leadership has been pivotal to the community progress, along with many outstanding contributions of public service by the members of city council.

Former Mayor Bill King provided the outstanding service and dynamic leadership needed to help propel Kemah into one of the greatest 21st century small towns in America.

No matter if one agreed or disagreed with King on a particular issue, anyone could see that King’s motives were unselfish, and his vision was a sincere interest in the community.

Kemah was blessed to be led by someone with King’s talents, as he took on major challenges and won political victories that will enrich the community for many years.

Before King’s stewardship, Kemah was blessed to have Rick Diehl as its leader. Diehl provided the ambassadorial skills and diplomatic talents needed to unite various interests and build the community on a core foundation of progressive development. Diehl made many personal and unselfish sacrifices in providing outstanding service and caring leadership to the community.

Recently, the residents of Kemah elected Greg Collins as mayor. Collins was elected, in part, for his steadiness in making decisions and his dedication in seeking win-win solutions.

Therefore, Kemah is blessed to have continued leadership that is committed to its sure and steady progress.

Dr. Terry Van Allen
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Kemah is short two free spirits this evening.  After long fights with cancer, Ralph Yarborough and Danny Meeks both passed away today.  In his 82 years, Ralph crammed in several lifetimes.  I doubt that anyone is aware of all of the dimensions of this multi-faceted individual.  Danny was similar in ways, building with Julie, an eclectic hospitality/art venue.  In a world that is ever more prepackaged and standardized, Ralph and Danny were originals.  Both despised convention and pretense and Ralph in particular took great joy in defrocking the pretentious.  But his gruff exterior thinly concealed a generous and caring heart.  He frequently, and without fanfare, organized assistance for families and individuals in need.  A man could not have had a better or truer friend.

For those of you who did not know Ralph and Danny, there are no words to describe them.  For those of you that did know, no words are necessary.  Let me just say that for many of us, Kemah will never be the same without them.  They were an irreplaceable part of what defined us as a community and made us unique.

Please keep Claire, Julie and the rest of Ralph’s and Danny’s families in your thoughts and prayers during this time of loss.

William E. King
1215 Kipp Avenue
Kemah, Texas 77565

Collins, Stenzel win mayoral races
Galveston County Daily News, TX - May 7, 2005
... Kemah voters elected former city councilman Greg Collins as the city’s mayor by a decisive margin. Collins claimed 73 percent of the vote. ...
KEMAH, Texas--A fire damaged a home at 5th and Miller in Kemah, Seabrook, League City VFD's responded to the fire April 21st .

Click here for slide show

KEMAH, Texas--A fire damaged the structure at 1201 Hwy. 146  a locally Owned and Operated service station belonging to Thomas Duong  .Duong's business is located between Texas First Bank and the Dairy Queen in Kemah. The fire was thought to have been started by contractors remodeling the property . Duong, popular with all his customers had a steady stream of friends and supporters come by. He is shown clutching his cell phone and talking with friends Hushang Sarabi, Hadi Pirzadeh and Tony Della. He expects to be open in a month. Mr Duong credited the Kemah, Seabrook,  League City VFD's with a great job  saving his store and business .

Click here for slide show
Frances Foster
Frances Foster stands beside a marker at the November
park dedicating. The park  was named in  honor of  her
late husband who was a former Mayor of the city of Kemah. 

It is with great sadness that I must share with you that Frances Foster passed away........................................

Wednesday evening.  Frances was the wife of James Foster, Kemah's third mayor, and the mother of Mark Foster, our local justice of the peace and municipal judge for Kemah and Clear Lake Shores.  Frances was born in west Texas but moved to Kemah shortly after high school where she met and married James Frances  worked for Jimmie Walker and later served as the court clerk for the City of Kemah.  My enduring memory of Frances will be her dry, pithy wit, of which Mark was frequently the target.  She will be greatly missed, especially by her buddies in the Kemah Kronies.  Please keep Mark and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.
                      William E. King, Mayor
Monthly Meetings of the Kemah Kronies (Sr's) at the  Community Center  are  the  Last Tuesday  of  each month  --  time 11:30 a.m. Bring a food dish to share with others.Call 281-538-1048 Monthly Meetings of the Kemah Merchants Associations at the  Kemah City Hall  are  the  2nd  Tuesday  of  each month  --  time 7:30 p.m.  for info. Email KMA

Monthly Meetings of the Kemah Kronies (Sr's) at the  Community Center  are  the  Last Tuesday  of  each month  --  time 11:30 a.m. Bring a food dish to share with others.Call 281-538-1048  Latest  ELECTION  NEWS

It's never too early to start talking
Daily News - Galveston County - TX,USA
... If you ever have to evacuate over that bridge, thank Kemah Mayor Bill King. His resolve on this point may very well one day save your life. ...
This  Male Capybara who looks like a giant guinea pig was a fugitive from Lollipops  & Licorice Petting Zoo  of  Dickinson TX, Someone let him out and he found his way to Kemah, TX  where he was no match for Kemah PD. Shown below peeking out from under a bush  in Kemah Oaks  subdivisions retention  pond area.
Capybara in Kemah Oaks

He was  determined not to be a  caught  Capybara after being on the lam for almost 2 weeks. A chase over to Anders Lane  and back and  a trick or two soon had him  back in his cage and  safe with his owner Joe Moorman . He weighed in at about 100 lbs.
Photos by Claire Worthington  Kemah.Net
                              Photo by Claire Durkee Worthington Kemah.Net
Dr. Nora Janjan  Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center on the left & Houston City Council Member Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs also a physician seated on the right spoke  to citezans presant and council members showing support for Kemah's  smoking ordinance. Both  Doctors stressed the  risk to  public health tabaco smoke posed.
Kemah Ordinance would ban  smoking in most enclosed public places
I am pleased to share with you that the Kemah City Council passed an ordinance partially banning smoking in most enclosed public places on its first reading.  The ordinance is very similar to the one passed recently by the City of Houston.  There was a significant debate with respect to whether the ordinance should be more restrictive.  In particular, the ordinance continues to allow smoking in restaurantbars and there was a sentiment on Council that perhaps this too should have been banned.  In final analysis, Council felt that uniformity across the area was important and opted to follow Houston's lead.  Like Houston, the Kemah ordinance provides that the smoking ban will be reviewed in 18 months to see how it is working and whether a more restrictive ban should be considered.

I am very proud of Council in taking this leadership role.  Many other cities are considering what they will do in reaction to Houston's ban and I believe will be affected by Kemah's action.

William E. King, Mayor, City of Kemah, 1411 SH 146, Kemah, Texas 77565  281-334-1611
Paul Kelly And Oliver North Paul Williams WCID 12 Director & wife Kelly Williams, Kemah City Council  and reiging Mrs Galveston Co.with  Lt. Col. Oliver North USMC Rtd. at Galveston event slide show here
I attended the March meeting for the Transportation Policy Council of the HGAC on Friday.  I am happy to report to you that the TPC approved TxDOT's Major Long Range Corridor Plan for the Houston-Galveston area, which includes for the first time the reconstruction of SH146 from FM517 to LaPorte.  Not only has project made it to the list for the first time, it is ranked as the third highest priority for this area.  I was also pleased to see that TxDOT's is now including in its evaluation matrix whether the project will contribute to enhanced hurricane
Having the SH146 project included on TxDOT's MLRCP at this level will cut years off the realization of this project and will provide us with an alternative route for hurricane evacuation.  This is truly good news for our area.

William E. King, Mayor, City of Kemah, 1411 SH 146, Kemah, Texas 77565, 281-334-1611

An 'active' hurricane season is coming again, scientist warns LINK
Hurricane plan urges mandatory evacuation
Mayor Bill King
The Big One: Is Houston ready?

Bill King, the outgoing Kemah mayor and a friend of Perry's, was one of a group of local officials who fretted that Texas was unprepared for a catastrophic storm. King said Thursday that McCraw's report is a solid 1st step to preparing for the inevitable.

"I'm ecstatic," King said. "They've adopted almost every recommendation we've made. I think we're making a little headway now. He's shown us the way. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and get it  done."  
     Houston Chronicle story LINK here


NASA Johnson Space Center Open House is back! Reserve Saturday April 23 on your calendar for the first Open House since August 2001. This is a great opportunity to share what we do with our neighbors in the Houston area. Don't forget to bring the whole family for this behind-the-scenes look at the heart of America's human space flight program.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I thought that I ought to share with the entire community something that has happened in my lawsuit with John Scott over his anonymous mailers.  Recently, Mr. Scott filed a motion to dismiss the case.  Five members of our community filed sworn statements in support of Mr. Scott’s motion.  Those individuals were John Conrad, Bernie McIntyre, Kathryn McIntyre, Ted Guthrie and Jean Garst.  The judge threw out the affidavits and denied the motion, however, I thought you might like to hear some of things these individuals swore under oath were true.

The sworn statements are virtually identical.  Here are a couple of the more interesting excerpts:

“I have read . . . the flyers and letters created and sent out to various persons in and around Kemah, Texas by Mr. Scott . . . All of the statements made in the informational releases (the flyers as they are being called by Mr. King) are true, to the best of my knowledge and belief.”[1]

Let me remind you of some of Mr. Scott’s statements which Mr. Conrad, Mr. & Mrs. McIntyre, Mr. Guthrie and Ms. Garst have sworn under oath are true:

  • In a mailing in August, 2003, Scott said of Kemah residents “[m]ost are discontents, troublemakers, perverts and new to the city.”

  • Also in August, 2003, Scott said in a mailer, “Kemp, Texas was a fun loving city, which was born out of whorehouses and gambling.”

  • In a September, 2003 e-mail, Mr. Scott said, “ . . . the city of Kemah is the biggest speed trap in the country.”

  • In a mailing in April, 2004, Mr. Scott stated, “Ben Blackledge was an icon of the community.”

  • For you Lakewood members, in a mailer in April, 2004, Scott cited a quote in relation to Lakewood members, to wit:  “There is something to be said for yacht clubs; they drain off a lot of people you wouldn’t want to associate with anyway.”

I find it particular disappointing that a former Kemah City Councilman and currently a candidate to be re-elected to Council would vouch for such despicable things being said about his own city.

“[John Scott] should be admired as a public servant.”

This is the same John Scott who:

  • We now know is a convict (assault);

  • Lied to this entire community for months about his involvement in the anonymous flyers.  In an interview with the Galveston County Daily News in July, 2004, Scott said, “I wouldn’t have anything to do with those.  Why would I care about that?  I don’t have any notion why he [King] would tie them to me.”

  • Lied under oath to the court about his involvement in the flyers.

  • Did everything he could to kill the annexation of Kemah Oaks and South Kemah because he was afraid those residents would not vote for him in the next election.

  • Went along with Bernie McIntyre being paid approximately $10,000 in illegal fees from the WCID and refused to do anything to make him pay the money back.

  • Set an all time record in spending WCID funds for out of town “education trips.  At last count, Scott had soaked the WCID for over $6,000 for trip expenses.

We are in the process of taking the depositions of these five individuals.  I am sure that we will learn more interesting details about their involvement with John Scott.


[1] Bernie McIntyre inserted the words “the overwhelming majority of the statements . . .” and Kathryn McIntyre and Jean Garst inserted the words “Most of the statements . . .”



Ladies and Gentlemen:

We got some good news at the Transportation Policy Council meeting today at HGAC.  For any highway project to be funded, it must be included in TxDOT's "Major Long Range Corridors Plan."  Until now, the SH146 has not been included in that Plan and, therefore, has not been eligible for funding.  However, TxDOT presented a draft of its proposed new plan and not only was SH146 included, it was ranked as the 4th highest priority project in the Plan.  If the draft plan is approved by the TPC and the Transportation Commission, will be a huge step forward in expediting this project.  TxDOT's presentation reflected that a major consideration in raising the priority of this project was its importance for hurricane evacuation.

William E. King
Mayor, City of Kemah
1411 SH 146
Kemah, Texas 77565

Last night, Kemah City Council voted to hold a referendum on the use of KCDC funds in conjunction with the regular City elections in May.  The referendum will be on whether half of the KCDC's revenue should be used for street maintenance and construction.  As I have previously shared with you, between the KCDC funds and the City's hotel/motel tax, there is currently over $850,000 available annually.  In my opinion, we do not need to be spending that much money on economic development and promotion.  The City is already growing so fast we can barely manage it.  The pressing need is for infrastructure improvements to our streets and drainage.  Reallocating $300,000 of this $850,000 is the least we can do for the residents.

I hope that you join me on May 7 in voting FOR Proposition 1 and encourage your family and neighbors to do the same.

William E. King
Mayor, City of Kemah
1411 SH 146
Kemah, Texas 77565

Kelly KELLY WILLIAMS,  Mrs. Galveston County, will be appearing in the Mrs. Texas Pageant on March 5-7 in Austin, Texas. Kelly will compete in interview, sportswear and evening gown at the competition.

The winner of the Mrs. Texas Pageant will attend the Mrs. United America Pageant in Austin in July 2005 Kelly is a graphic artist and a City Councilwoman for the city of Kemah.  She is married to Paul Williams and they have 2 children, Halie and Paul.
election school
Mary Proudy, Kemah, Kimberly Gyllstrom, Kemah,  Melinda Nickless, Director of Elections, Texas Secratary of States office,  Claire Worthington, Kemah, Susie Elam, Kemah attending the Election Law Workshop held Tuesday at the Houston Hobby Airport Hilton prepairing for the May Elections in Kemah.


Click  storm surge, Click "Next" several times Click on "Show all
for  interactive map of Kemah, Clear Lake. 

Debating Houston's readiness for a big storm
EYEING THE STORM: Bill King,  Kemah's   mayor,   is
one of many critics who say lackluster          evacuation
planning and unrealistic expectations  could   doom
thousands  of  Texans. LINK

Greg Collins enters race to replace Kemah mayor
The Citizen - online, TX -
Greg Collins is looking to upgrade his poltical office from Kemah's mayor pro tem to mayor after filing to run for the office last week. ...
Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle
Houston Chronicle -
... King, Kemah's mayor, is one of many area critics who believe that lackluster evacuation planning and unrealistic expectations by state and local emergency
Models show 'massive devastation' in Houston
Houston Chronicle -
... surge. Such a wall of water would swamp most development near Galveston Bay, including Texas City, Kemah and Johnson Space Center. ...
Capt. Henrys Seafood  on Lawrence Rd in Kemah, TX.
Fresh fish and shrimp for the Season of Lent
POLL:What's your favorite Kemah Event Web Release Page
Blessing of the Fleet            
Frank Chalfant autographs a copy of his book   Galveston Island of Chance  for Kemah's City Secretary Kathy Bova Pierce.
The council chamber where the presentation was given was packed with fascinated  listeners.

Battle of the Bridge to Benefit Muscular Dystrophy

After the rain out November 20th the "Battle of the Bridge" flag football game between Kemah and Seabrook  took place  Saturday Dec 11th. The Mayor of Seabrook, Robin Riley and his  Seabrook Fightin’ Pelicans met  the Mayor of Kemah Bill King and his Kemah Hobie Kats  in a battle on the grid iron to benefit  Muscular Dystrophy. King's Hobie Kats won a desisive victory of 12 to 40 and the coveted Battle of the Bridge Tropy will be displayed at the Kemah’s City Hall for one year.  The game was held at Seabrook Intermediate School.   The MVP award went to  Kemah's Paul Williams. a WCID 12  Board member and former NFL and Arena Football Quarterback.
NASA Flightsuits