Kemah Oaks Community Association Annual Meeting April 17, 2004

The annual meeting of homeowners for Kemah Oaks Maintenance Association was held
at Kemah City Hall on April 17, 2004. In attendance was Nanette Rast, President, Shar
Bingham, VP. at 10:30. Nanette verified  quorum..

After a brief business meeting was held  nominations were taken from the floor and
candidates were selected.

The election results were as follows Claire Worthington, Secretary Treasure, Shar Bingham, 
President, Nanette Rast, Vice President.

The Kemah Oaks Maintenance Association meeting adjourned and than held a candidates review
to here  from candidates for City Council, and  WCID # 12. 

Concerned Home Owners Meet with Mayor Bill King 4/20/04 Click Here

                                                 Vote Twice on May 15th 2004
Kemah General Election is on May 15, 2004  7:00 AM  -  7:00 PM  @ Kemah City Hall then go over to the
WCID # 12 Board 
Election also on May 15, 2004  7:00 AM  -  7:00 PM at the  WCID # 12
Office - 524 Cien Dr.
to vote for Water Board Candidates who will work for annexation of  the West side of  Kemah Oaks.

Vote Tweice
1. Vote 1st. at Kemah City Hall, 1401 State Hwy 146, Kemah, Texas for your
City Council Member.

2  Vote 2nd at the WCID #12 District Office 524 Cien Dr. Kemah, TX

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